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I didn’t ask to be your friend!

Oh Mindy what he meant to say in a very jerky way is:

GOD Mindy, can’t you see I want to be more. I want you to SEE me, I want you to choose ME but then you keep going after those dicks: Jeremy, Josh, male prostitute A-and BRENDAN DESLAURIER!

Yeah, I didn’t tell Alex about my ex-wife but don’t make it seem as if it is the worst thing in the world, I mean, BRENDAN DESLAURIER??! And I am so frustrated with you , with ME because  me liking you have me act like one of those dicks I was complaining about… AND I LIKE YOU OKAY, please don’t make me say it, just please read between the lines, please…

Now please you guys make up and make out  already! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

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#The Mindy Project  #Danny x Mindy  #mindy and danny  #Danny and Mindy  #Mindy x Danny  #I could feel Danny's frustration in this scene as if their conversation was about something else all together  #Status quo will not last long for Danny  #I think Mindy in some ways knows that he wants more  #that he likes her and she might like him too a little bit  #but she sure as hell wont think about it  #She literaly ran away from his and her feelings  #My 2 cents  #Danny Castalleno  #Mindy Lahiri 
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